Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Water damage untreated

When you have a water damage it is important to call on highly trained professionals like SERVPRO. If a water damage is left untreated or not thoroughly dried it can lead to major issues down the line such as mold.  


Mold does not have to be such a scary thing to hear for homeowners. The key to this is to have professionals act quickly to begin remediation. When dealing with professionals you should have piece of mind! 

Where you least expect it

There was a leaky window that just happened to be above an air vent on the wall of a beautiful home. The window leaked water straight down into the air vent causing mold growth. 

When you have any water leaks near ventilation please consult with a professional! 

Unexpected presence

Just when  you think you have fixed the water damage and everything is dry and clear.... MOLD! 

It is very important to make sure anytime there is a water damage event you have a professional come out and assess the situation. 

Here at SERVPRO of Charles County we provide free estimates to make sure you are getting the help you need. 

MOLD happens

Mold can happen right under your nose. You have water damage on your carpet and you think you have treated the problem and the carpet is dry.... wrong. 

Sometimes the carpet will feel dry on the surface but below it is still wet. This environment can produce mold before you know it! 

Moisture can cause MOLD

Mold can happen right under your nose. You don't need a major water event to cause moisture for mold. You can have simple but consistent condensation and that in the right environment could produce Mold spores. 

Be aware of moisture and make sure it is treated properly.